Studyhack series

Saeid Chavoshi, Mor Centre team member, professor at Seneca College and doctoral student in clinical psychology at York University has created the #Studyhack series, where he explores tools and techniques rooted in the science of psychology to help improve studying and overall experiences of students at University.

Click on the links below to view the videos;

#Studyhacks Module 1: The Problem with Multitasking

#Studyhacks Module 2: How to Manage Distractions

#Studyhacks Module 3: Planning Your Studying

EVENT: Sarah Hallett co-teaching Intergenerational Trauma course at Adler School Toronto

Sarah Hallett will be co-teaching a 2 day course entitled Intergenerational Trauma on Saturday January 27th & Sunday January 29th at the Adler Graduate Professional School, 890 Yonge Street, 9th Floor, Toronto. This course considers how each generation informs the next. How along with knowledge, skills and culture, we also transmit the impact of traumatic experience. In this two day course, the biological, familial and social transmission of trauma is explored.

Saeid Chavoshi delivers two engaging and informative workshops at Calmet College, York University

Saeid Chavoshi will be delivering two workshops for York University students and community on November 15.

Both workshops will take place at Calumet College from 1-3 pm.


  • Active Learning – Using the Science of Psychology to Enhance your Studiesfrom 1-2pm


  • #StudyHacks – Tips and Tricks for Memory, Notetaking, and Learning, from 2-3pm