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During her 20 years in private practice Dr. Mor has learned that the most profound personal changes often occur within the context of a supportive and therapeutic relationship. Dr. Mor’s approach to psychotherapy is holistic and draws from a variety of theoretical perspectives including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, emotion-focused and existential approaches. She works collaboratively with her clients to develop an integrated approach to treatment that is tailored to the particular needs and interest of each client in order to promote personal discovery and growth.

Dr. Mor was a concert pianist prior to deciding to make a career transition to psychology and has a music degree from Tel Aviv University in Israel. Given her passion for the performing arts her psychological academic research focused on topics related to the performing arts including Performance Anxiety, Music Perception, Perfectionism, and Career Transition.

Dr. Mor has presented both nationally and internationally and has published in peer review journals.

Dr. Mor currently teaches fourth year bachelor degree courses in psychology at York University and has, for many years, supervised graduate level interns at the Counseling and Disability Services Centre at York University.

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